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Heating Installation in Dearborn MI

Have you noticed your energy bills climbing during the winter? Are furnace repair costs racking up? If the time has come for a new furnace installation in Dearborn MI, Kaltec Heating & Cooling can help. We handle absolutely everything involved with an installation, from removing your old unit to handling the rebates for your new one!

Preparing for Installation

A furnace replacement in Dearborn MI isn’t something you get very often, so we’ll make sure to walk you through the entire process. From helping you select a new furnace to designing the forced air delivery system, we work directly with you to customize the replacement.

Once we’ve got the details of your installation ironed out you’ll receive an exact price and a written proposal upfront. This helps break down the costs and gives you the peace of mind in knowing what you owe upfront.

From there, we’re able to answer all your questions! We even go above and beyond to pull building permits and check on rebates for you.

Our commitment is your satisfaction.

The Installation Process

Installing a new heating system is a big deal. Some fly-by-night companies claim to get it done in just an hour or two, but we know better. When you do the job the right way, it takes time! We arrive early and will stay for as long as it takes to leave you with a quality installation. Here’s our complete process:

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  • We order everything necessary for your custom install ahead of time. That way, on the day of, we can get right to work!
  • A member of our team will check in with you the day before the installation, to confirm everything.
  • On installation day, we’ll arrive between 8-10am, review the scope of work, stage the equipment and start setting up.
  • Our techs disassemble your old system and remove it, hauling it away so you don’t have to worry about disposal. Then, in its place, we get to work building your custom installation.
  • Most installations take about 8 hours—some less, depending on the scope of work. Typically, we build new sheet-metal fittings, run new PVC vent pipes, refrigeration lines, gas pipe and electrical wiring, and install new drain lines.
  • When we’re done, we clean up and make sure everything is working properly. The only trace we’ll leave behind is a working furnace that’s ready to pump warm air into your home!

After the install, we’ll record your model and serial numbers, warranties and service schedules to make service faster later. We even do the rebate paperwork so you don’t have to

We’re so sure our guys will install everything to perfection that we warranty our work. Our warranty includes more than just labor, too—it includes our commitment to service your system any hour of any day if we made a mistake.

Enjoy a New Heating System

You won’t realize the comfort and efficiency benefits of a new furnace until you have one installed in your home. Contact Kaltec Heating & Cooling today and let us provide you with an upfront estimate and a clear scope of work. Contact us today at (248) 841-4328 and start planning a new furnace installation with confidence!

*Please note that we only install new units and will not install used equipment.

24 Hour Emergency Service Available
24 Hour Emergency Service Available
Kaltec Heating & Cooling | Phone: (248) 841-4328
ADDRESS: Taylor, MI 48180 |HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Kaltec Heating & Cooling offers Cooling repair on Amana products in Northville MI.
Kaltec Heating & Cooling
Phone: (248) 841-4328
ADDRESS: Taylor, MI 48180 |HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Get your Amana AC repair service done in Taylor  MI by Kaltec Heating & Cooling.
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