Boiler Services

Trust Kaltec Heating & Cooling for with your ductless service in Taylor  MI.



Has your house been struggling to stay warm during the colder seasons? Perhaps your boiler just isn't working like it used to or has stopped functioning entirely. Call Kaltec Heating & Cooling to make sure your boiler is running efficiently and properly, whether it's steam, gas, or oil burning.

An ill-maintained boiler can not only cost a lot more to run regularly but can be dangerous to you and your household. Trust the professionals at Kaltec Heating & Cooling to take care of your boiler repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations, and make sure that the job is done right to save you money, and help keep your family safe and comfortable.

Boiler Services

  • Radiant heat repair
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Check pilot light
  • Find leaks
  • Check pump
  • Baseboard heat cleaning
  • Inspect valves and pumps
  • Inspect flue
  • Check for proper ventilation
  • Boiler inspection
  • Boiler installation
  • Check burner
A Boiler system.

Boiler Services in Dearborn MI

We don’t stop at furnaces and A/C units! Our heating and cooling expertise also extends to boilers—specifically maintenance, repair and boiler replacement in Dearborn MI. Count on Kaltec Heating & Cooling to deliver unparalleled service and workmanship that’s backed by the industry’s best quality guarantee.


    Your boiler needs a keen eye looking it over every so often, before it develops issues. Count on us for preventive repairs and maintenance! Our techs will thoroughly inspect your boiler, make adjustments where necessary, replace parts and even clean it up a little—all for the sake of delivering superior service!


    If you discover a leak or are having issues heating, give us a call for boiler repair in Dearborn MI. We know our way around a wrench and can fix all the big-name boiler makes and models. Our years of expertise enables us to work faster and deliver better results, regardless of the problem or the unit.


    Has your old boiler finally reached the end of its life? Let us introduce you to a new, efficient unit. We’ll remove your old one and make sure everything is properly situated with your new unit. We guarantee all our work and promise you’ll immediately notice the difference in your boiler replacement in Dearborn MI.


    For new homes and other developments that need a totally new installation, turn to us! We take the time to customize your installation and will advise on the right equipment for your needs. Then, we install everything with precision to ensure reliability right from day one.

Boiler Tech working on Boiler unit.

Get in Touch

Don’t wait for your boiler to become a problem. Whether it needs maintenance, repairs or to be replaced entirely, Kaltec Heating & Cooling is ready to help. Contact us today at (248) 841-4328 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

*Please note that we only install new units and will not install used equipment.

24 Hour Emergency Service Available
24 Hour Emergency Service Available
Kaltec Heating & Cooling | Phone: (248) 841-4328
ADDRESS: Taylor, MI 48180 |HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Kaltec Heating & Cooling offers Cooling repair on Amana products in Northville MI.
Kaltec Heating & Cooling
Phone: (248) 841-4328
ADDRESS: Taylor, MI 48180 |HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Get your Amana AC repair service done in Taylor  MI by Kaltec Heating & Cooling.
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