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AC Tech working on AC unit.

A/C Installation in Dearborn MI

Thinking about making the switch from a window A/C unit to a centralized system? Your quality of life is about to skyrocket during hot summer months! Or, if you’re contemplating an air conditioner replacement in Dearborn MI, you’re about to see major savings on your energy bill. Either way, Kaltec Heating & Cooling will help you realize the benefits.

We perform complete A/C installations, customized around your home and the people in it. We’ll help you choose the right brand, the proper unit capacity and an installation date that’s convenient for you. Then, we’ll cart away the old unit and get your new, efficient installation up and running right.

Our Installation Process

Did you know that installing A/C equipment wrong could cut the unit’s lifespan by as much as 50%? It’s true! In addition to throwing valuable years of service, a poor installation is also going to cost you a fortune in eventual AC unit repair in Dearborn MI.

We help our customers avoid these problems and get the most out of their investment. That starts by doing the job right. Our installation process is simple, yet incredibly thorough:

  • We order your unit ahead of time and stage all parts necessary for the installation before we arrive. We also call ahead to confirm the time of your installation
  • When we get to your home, we don’t waste time getting to work. We’ll properly disconnect and dispose of your old unit before we bring in the new setup.
  • Trust our technicians to get the unit installed, hookups secured, lines installed, electrical wired and more.
  • With everything installed, we make sure to run your new unit as a test and inspect all critical components and functions. When we’re satisfied in a job well-done, we’ll help you get acclimated with your new investment.
AC Tech working on AC unit.

As with all work we do, your air conditioner replacement in Dearborn MI comes backed by the best guarantee in the business. We’ll certify equipment and labor, and we’ll make ourselves available night or day to fix anything that might go wrong as the result of an oversight.

Enjoy Cool Air On-Demand

You shouldn’t have to park yourself near a window to experience a cool draft or settle for a gentle lukewarm stream of air from your old central A/C unit. Instead, experience cool air on-demand wherever you are in your home! Contact Kaltec Heating & Cooling today at (248) 841-4328 to setup a new air conditioning unit installation.

*Please note that we only install new units and will not install used equipment.

24 Hour Emergency Service Available
24 Hour Emergency Service Available
Kaltec Heating & Cooling | Phone: (248) 841-4328
ADDRESS: Taylor, MI 48180 |HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Kaltec Heating & Cooling offers Cooling repair on Amana products in Northville MI.
Kaltec Heating & Cooling
Phone: (248) 841-4328
ADDRESS: Taylor, MI 48180 |HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Get your Amana AC repair service done in Taylor  MI by Kaltec Heating & Cooling.
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