How Can I Increase My Boiler Efficiency?

How Can You Increase Your Boiler Efficiency?

Better boiler efficiency in Taylor, MI improves interior comfort and reduces utility bills. To reap these benefits, boiler owners can take a few simple steps to improve the efficiency of their units.

Use the following tips to increase your boiler efficiency in Taylor, MI. For additional money-saving insights, contact your local boiler experts at Kaltec Heating & Cooling.

  • Use day/night settings: When your boiler is idling, it doesn’t require as much operating pressure. Use a day/night setting to lower the pressure or operating temperature while the unit is not in full use.
  • Use an economizer: An economizer can help you save fuel. It uses flue gas to heat the water as it moves toward the boiler. This creates a more efficient system and also reduces the risk of damage that cold water can cause to the boiler.
  • Tune the burner: Improved efficiency requires the right amount of air for your boiler. To ensure the right amount of oxygen is getting to your boiler, have it tuned regularly. A technician can measure the oxygen level and optimize your system for the best results.
  • Add insulation: Do not remove the insulation on your valves. This causes significant heat loss, which will reduce the efficiency of your system. Keep the insulation in place for the best results.
  • Keep it clean: A layer of soot decreases the efficiency of your boiler. Clean and inspect the boiler tubes regularly to keep them clear of debris.
  • Reroute condensate: As steam condenses, it produces a byproduct in the form of condensate. This clean, hot water can be used in your boiler. Reroute this condensate into the feedwater system to increase the efficiency of your system.
  • Install an exchanger: A blowdown heat exchanger or flash tank can recover heat from the boiler blowdown. This eliminates wasting the heat generated by your boiler, as you use it to heat the water.
  • Reduce steam: By reducing the amount of steam your boiler uses, you will save on electricity and fuel. Insulate your tanks and pipes to minimize the amount of steam needed for heating.
  • Service your traps: Inspect your steam traps regularly to ensure proper functioning. Traps that are stuck or broken greatly reduce boiler efficiency in Taylor, MI, so keep an eye on these components and repair or replace as needed.
  • Upgrade: If your boiler is more than 15 years old, it is likely an inefficient model. Modern systems are designed with efficiency in mind. Older ones are not. Consider adding a retrofit to your burner to increase efficiency, or replace your system entirely rather than make your next major repair.

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24 Hour Emergency Service Available
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